Microsoft Office 365 is an all-round office productivity suite that is designed for modern workplaces. Moving to Office 365 allows organizations to make significant upgrades to their infrastructure and manage the flow of business information inside their workplace. Some of the prime advantages of choosing Microsoft Office 365 for business are as follows:


Cloud Infrastructure

Microsoft Office 365 has been developed around the cloud and hence it offers reduced expenditure on hefty server systems. This lowers the workload on IT departments as well, creating space for handling the more important aspects.

Managed Support and Maintenance

Managed Support and Maintenance

Office 365 for Business is offered with 360 degrees of managed support and maintenance, which eradicates the investment of effort in dealing with software issues and timely up-keep demands.

Extensive Collaboration Features

Collaboration Features

The presence of an in-built cloud platform raises the bar for collaboration options. The company resources can actively communicate over chat, video calls, share information in groups and create productive collaboration opportunities for themselves using the Office 365 suite.

Cloud Ecosystem

Interconnected Cloud Ecosystem

Office 365 promotes and facilitates powerful management of more than one cloud environment to create a uniform ecosystem at the workplace. This resolves the hassles of aligning various platforms together, making it easier to work with cloud applications.

Our Office 365 Migration Services

Migrating to Office 365 is a specific process that requires a deep consideration of business and environment presets. Therefore, we offer a well-defined migration procedure to carry out the task as smoothly as possible. This includes:



Our Office 365 specialists will help you make a well informed decision and choose a cloud solution that proficiently meets your software ecosystem requirements and creates value for each employee.



We guide you through the process of choosing the bestOffice 365 plan that is accurately aligned with your budget, IT strategy and collaboration scope.



Our team will facilitate a planned Office 365 migration, side by side,maintaining the integrity of your business data and processes.



If you don’t have dedicated specialists to keep an eye on your Office 365 deployment, you can delegate all the support issues to us.

The LiveRoute Advantage

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    Office 365 Management

    LiveRoute extends its support to your business beyond just deployment; we also offer management of all Microsoft Office 365 applications for your business.

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    Consultation and Support

    LiveRoute guides you through the whole process of moving to Office 365 for Business, making effortless migration from your current environment, aided by a proactive support for all your maintenance.

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    Microsoft Certified Office 365 Professionals

    Our team comprises of Microsoft certified professionals to bring you the best Office 365 Migration and implementation standards each time.

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    Customized Solutions

    Each business has its own set of challenges and needs. At LiveRoute, we offer customizable solutions in the form of well-crafted Office 365 plans that target your business specifics, optimally.

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    Service Level Agreement

    With LiveRoute, we ensure the reliability of our services with definite Service Level Agreements in place. This helps in promising service the quality standards and responsibilities as you’d like to expect from us.

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