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Fully Managed Azure Data Backup Services in Dubai

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An organization’s systems, data and applications are its most critical assets which have a direct impact on productivity. Backup as a Service (BaaS) involves connecting your organization’s systems to a private, public or hybrid cloud that is fully managed by an external provider. Comprehensive data protection, through an effective Cloud Backup, can bridge the difference between costly disruptions and a resilient enterprise model.

LiveRoute, the leading Cloud Services Provider (CSP) in Dubai, UAE, offers a Cloud Backup solution that delivers a simple, quick and cost-effective solution for guaranteed data security and availability. Our Cloud Backup solutions give your business the edge through flexible short and long-term data retention, in Azure or on-premises. Instantly backup any VMs, files and folders you require and never lose track of your assets with dynamic reporting capabilities available in the Azure experience. LiveRoute helps you design a customized Backup solution that fits your business needs and budgets!

Why you need a Cloud backup solution:

  • On site storage involves considerable costs, is time consuming and adds to your overheads. Cloud storage is an integrated solution that addresses all of these challenges.
  • Accidents happen, and human error can never be completely eliminated. Data recovery puts unwanted stress on your time and human resources. Our solution is a simple and painless alternative.
  • Data restoration from offsite tapes is time consuming and inhibits efficiency. Cloud backup is a readily available resource with zero infrastructure investment
  • Data restoration needs are often limited to specific files. Cloud backup is a precise tool that saves time by addressing specific needs efficiently.
  • Ensure the security and availability of the critical data that your executives and business users need.
Azure Backup


Reduce IT budgets

  • Move from a CAPEX to an OPEX model resulting in a much lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Pay-as-you-go model which allows you to scale your Backup as and when your business grows!

Improve Data Security

  • FIPS 140-2 certified data encryption to secure your business’s critical information
  • Adhere to the highest standards in Compliance.

Continuous Support

  • Reliable 24/7 support provided by experts you can trust!

The LiveRoute Advantage

Cloud: Azure VMs, Amazon EC2, Office 365
With LiveRoute, you can meet your requirements and protect any workload –
  • On-premises: Physical, applications, mobile devices
  • Cloud: Azure VMs, Amazon EC2, Office 365
Microsoft azure cloud
Our flexible solutions deliver 99.5% guaranteed uptime. The solutions include –
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • MDS Private or Public Cloud (hosted in the UAE)

Partner with LiveRoute for a highly available, secure and scalable Cloud backup platform with the storage size that you need. Call us now to know more!