Azure Backup Vs. And Azure Site Recovery, Which Is Better?

Every cloud-based business has all of its data stored on the cloud servers. So, such businesses are completely dependent on their data. Loss of their data will create havoc and lead to a huge loss in the business. This loss can be due to any disaster, either natural, human errors or due to power outages. To prevent the data from being lost, there are two options available – Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery. Both services back up and restore data.

Let’s take a look at the features of both to understand the better option for your business.

Azure Backup

Azure backup prevents data on-premises and into the cloud. It is designed to maximize backup efficiency while minimizing storage consumption. Azure backup is mostly used in cases with accidental deletion, patch testing, alternative location recovery and for security. It is a part of OMS add on as well as sold standalone.

It is a flexible long term retention policy and provides granular recovery. Azure backups vary in the acceptable RPO (Recovery Point Objective). VM backups take usually one day while database backups might take 15 days only. It provides exceptional security and reliability, with six copies of encrypted data distributed over two azure datacenters with a 99.9% service availability SLA. 

The AzureBackup data is typically retained for 30 days or less. The amount of data that a backup solution needs to process is very high due to a larger RPO (Recovery Point Objective). This leads to a higher RTO (Recovery Time Objective).


Azure SiteRecovery coordinates replication, failover,  and failback. It provides flexible automated protection and recovery for your local servers and workstations. 

Azure Site Recovery supports multiple scenarios of disaster recovery, migration and Dev/Test environment.  It has a very low Recovery point objective and Recovery time Objective. The RPO might be as low as 30 seconds while the RTO might be of 5-30 minutes. The smaller RTO is because it is in sync with the source. ASR needs only operational recovery data. It allows us to make customizable recovery plans and create on-demand test copies.


Both Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery, are effective disaster solutions that back up and restore data. They both work together to ensure complete business continuity, but they have slightly different purposes.

While Azure backup can help you to restore a corrupted file, Azure Site Recovery will replicate the data and configuration of a system to another datacenter. 

Azure Backup saves you from data crisis on a day-to-day basis whereas, azure site recovery services Dubai is a Disaster Recovery process meant for an apocalyptic scenario. 

So, it is up to you to choose among both or choose to work together with both of them, depending on your business requirements. 

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