Microsoft Azure Data Center Migration


Data Center Migration allows your business to benefit from the following scenarios:

Data Centre Migration
  • Cutting costs by removing any data redundancies.
  • Enhancing security by moving to a more modern and updated system.
  • Increased efficiency through well planned consolidation & migration; which avoids
    the pitfall of data sprawl.

While the benefits of Microsoft Azure Migration are clear, the process itself is sensitive & needs to be performed with a keen eye on details and specifics. Each individual migration needs to be treated with care and painstaking diligence.

At LiveRoute, we have developed a tried and tested approach to investigate and understand your current operating model, so we can identify the processes and investments required for a painless and hassle-free Microsoft Azure Migration to using Azure services. LiveRoute commences the process by getting comprehensively acquainted with your business environment and operational needs. We then engage our exhaustive review process, so we can identify which Azure solutions suit you best, along with migration options, infrastructure prerequisites and indicative costs. Our experienced team then shares these fully documented findings with you, to initiate a comprehensive engagement that helps guide your organization through every step of the transition process.

Start Your Cloud
Migration Journey


The assessment phase of Azure Cloud Migration involves a deep understanding of systems and their interplay, that only varied and substantial experience can provide. We assist your organization in informed decision making as you begin your Microsoft Azure Migration journey. Our first step is to establish your cloud migration priorities and objectives so that these expectations can guide the entire process. Our automated migration tools will then provide additional insights into your environment and dependencies, to help with the creation of methodical and meticulous plans for the cloud migration project.

By creating a detailed assessment of your environment at every scale, your organization can develop a template that aligns the applications, locations and groups within your organization. We get the process moving quickly by beginning with the migration of applications that are expected to have relatively limited dependencies; achieved through comprehensively mapping your on-premises applications.

Cloud Azure data centre migration


In the migration phase, our teams get hands-on and guide your cloud migration down to the specifics; with a special focus of remaining within the umbrella of the four most widely-adopted approaches to the process. For example, you could choose to rehost or “lift and shift” less-strategic apps with no code changes, and re-architect others that are more business-critical. We share our suggestions and take your inputs on-board to come to a consensus on the right mix for your application profile and environment specifics.


Each cloud migration has a specific profile of challenges and desired outcomes. Our experienced professionals help you streamline your cloud resources and design optimal governance for your applications. The fundamental focus of a cloud migration strategy is to improve performance, maximize ROI, and enhance compliance by enabling best in class features and standards across your organization.

Secure & Manage:

Our services help ensure the security and management of your migrated resources down to each specific operational detail.

  • Enable best in class and industry-leading security across your business environment.
  • Monitor your cloud health on an ongoing basis.
  • Experience comprehensive data protection and the most secure data center migration in Dubai.

The LiveRoute Advantage

LiveRoute, an Azure Cloud Solution Provider, provides flexible cloud migration solutions with ongoing support that suits any operational model that you prefer.
LiveRoute’s Microsoft Azure services are focused on providing cloud solutions for your business that are fully managed and maintained by us, so your resources are optimized for your workplace productivity.

Only LiveRoute delivers a completely customizable Azure Cloud Migration Services path that delivers resilient consistency across your on-premises and cloud assets.
Whether your business requires a hybrid state long term or only during the migration period, your engagement with LiveRoute can be tailored to reflect your needs. LiveRoute’s Dubai based data center and UAE hosted Cloud Migration Services provide an additional layer of security and operational resilience. Azure Security Center and Azure Active Directory can help you manage your security and identity assets across your on-premises and Azure environments. Similarly, Azure SQL Database Managed Instance enables you to seamlessly lift and shift SQL Server databases to Azure without code changes, providing database-level compatibility with the efficiencies of a fully managed database service.

Migrate to a dependable, flexible and process efficient Microsoft Azure deployment with
LiveRoute and get access to best in class standards of services and support!