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Azure Information Protection

Comprehensive data protection, whether it is stored in the cloud or on-premise infrastructure is essential for the modern enterprise. Azure Information Protection gives you the flexibility to select how you manage your encryption keys – including Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) and Hold Your Own Key (HYOK) models.

LiveRoute’s solution based on Microsoft Azure Information Protection solution delivers a simple and effective means to guarantee data security throughout the lifecycle. Enterprises in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, other Northern Emirates in the UAE and the GCC region now have the ability to secure their data by gaining specific and control that is embedded into the data. We can help your organization secure data and set specific encryption and access profiles.

Why you need an Azure Information Protection solution?

  • Ensure profile specific data protection to align with your IT governance and regulatory requirements.
  • Accidents happen, and human error can never be completely eliminated. Azure Information Protection ensures that your sensitive data remains protected.
  • Azure Information Protection integrates data protection into Microsoft Office and other routinely used applications, providing security with a single click.
  • In-product notifications and recommendations assist users in choosing the correct classification for sensitive data.
  • Ensure the security of sensitive and critical data through user friendly and simple processes.
  • Gain the ability to track shared data and limit access if the need arises. Your IT administrators have access to comprehensive logs and reports that facilitate ongoing monitoring and analysis.


Retain control over access to sensitive data

  • Monitor activity, identify threats and generate records with detailed reporting, auditing, and alerts.
  • Classify sensitive information and define user rights to reliably secure your data.
  • Adhere to the highest standards in Compliance.

Enable empowered administration

  • Empower your IT teams with the ability to configure and classify data based on its specific profile.
  • Flexible protection across fully automatic, user driven or need based models.
  • From easy classification to embedded labels and permissions, enhance data protection at all times.

Comprehensive, flexible and effective

  • Persistent data protection that ensures your sensitive information is comprehensively secured.
  • A highly flexible solution that can be customized in accordance with your specific needs.
  • Dependable 24/ 7 partner support. Leave it to the professionals!


Protect sensitive business data

  • Simplified administration of data that secures information so that end users can share it without inadvertent downsides.
  • Persistent and ongoing protection of data which can be pro actively reconfigured if a potential threat is identified.

Simplified data protection across your organization and beyond

  • Ensure user specific privileges that are retained by your data and consistently applied based on configuration.
  • Azure Information Protection empowers collaboration and data sharing that is secure and pre-configured to suit your requirements.

Ensure access to data and apps
for your mobile devices

Operate with the assurance that you have a dependable data protection solution that concurrently enables empowered end-user collaborations and comprehensive administrative protection. Azure Information Protection allows optimal use of your resources with no compromise in security.

Our highly configurable and secure Azure Information Protection solution is a dependable, simple and high performance answer to your needs. Call us now to know more!