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LiveRoute offers Microsoft Azure ATP services

Microsoft Azure Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) records and profiles user behaviour and data across your organization, creating an expected baseline of patterns for each user. It uses this profile to isolate variations and anomalies with the help of its integrated adaptive intelligence. It identifies instances of abnormal activity, in order to anticipate vulnerabilities and insider threats. Microsoft Azure ATP’s sensors provide a comprehensive overview of all user activities on every device logged into an organizations network.

LiveRoute offers Microsoft Azure ATP services, which issues security reports and user profile analytics to help reduce your organizational vulnerabilities. Microsoft Azure Advanced Threat Protection is empowering organizations across the globe in their efforts to maintain network integrity and security. We can help your organization in deploying the solution optimally.

Why you need the Azure Advanced Threat Protection solution?

  • Track and analyze suspicious activities to preempt and prevent attacks.
  • Scan your network for threats in real time and empower the defense of your operating environments with comprehensive analytics.
  • Scrutinize anomalous activities and unusual user behavior using learning-based analytics.
  • Generate concise incident reports and timelines.
  • Microsoft Azure ATP provides insights that help enhance your preparedness and security policies.
Microsoft Azure Advanced Threat


Effectively identify pattern disruptive and suspicious behaviours

  • Detect suspicious reconnaissance activity prior to cyber-attacks.
  • Detect malicious activity during the lateral movement cycle, when the attacker is expanding their attack surface inside your network.
  • Identify unauthorized capturing of sensitive information, giving attackers access to entry points and credentials.

Secure your network using behavioral and learning based analytics

  • Identify malicious users and attackers’ attempts to gain information.
  • Adhere to the highest standards in Compliance.
  • Microsoft Azure ATP is designed to provide focused alerts, enabling your response to address to the most important and imminent threats.

Simplified but effective protection

  • Microsoft Azure ATP has the ability to export security alert information to an Excel spreadsheet. This function also exports personal data.
  • Microsoft Azure ATP collates data from your configured servers in a database specific to its administration, tracking, and reporting services.
  • Dependable 24/7/365 partner support.


Microsoft Azure Advanced Threat
Protect business applications and data on your network
  • Ensure uninterrupted end user experience while retaining the ability to identify, monitor and control specific sessions and behaviours in accordance with security concerns and policies.
  • Ensure early detection of threats through proactive identification of vulnerabilities and malicious behaviours with the help of learning-based analytics.
Simplified but comprehensive
  • Microsoft Azure ATP analyzes Active Directory traffic as well as relevant records from the domain controller and Active Directory Domain Services.
  • It monitors all devices in the network performing authentication and authorization requests against Active Directory, including non-Windows and mobile devices.

The Microsoft Azure Advanced Threat Protection solution is a highly adaptive and proactive platform that addresses imminent threats on the basis of their pre-attack behaviours, in order to preemptively identify malicious activity, before your network is compromised. Call us now to know more!