Benefits of shifting your business data to the cloud

From your employee’s attendance details to your company’s financial statements, your business relies on a strong footing for data management. 

From a long time, businesses had no choice but to deploy an on-premise server to secure it and make it available throughout the office. But with cloud computing, things are changing fast. 

Cloud computing is slowly eradicating the need for dedicated server rooms from companies and replacing them with a cloud data centre.  Microsoft Dubai data centre, for instance, serves the data hosting and storage needs for businesses in Dubai and AWS cloud in N. Virginia takes care of that region. 

If you’re still using a bulky server in your office, it’s better to consider one such cloud provider for your data needs, here’s why. 

The Pay-as-you-go Model

Imagine having to pay for the electricity, maintenance team and internet charges that your servers consume while they are sitting idle. No one wants that but you can’t even shut them off. 

Cloud computing bills you for only the time during which your employees were actually accessing the data or running cloud applications. For all the hours your office was non-operational, you don’t need to even shed a penny. 

In terms of offices with a lot of equipment and server dependency, this a lot of saving. For smaller offices, this is some handy budgeting.

Automated Maintenance

Servers need pro-active maintenance in order to offer you an uninterrupted experience, which isn’t possible if there’s a server expert on the payroll. 

But not when you’re on the cloud. The Cloud Service Providers take care of the servers that you use for you which includes ensuring that the servers are always up and upgrades are carried out timely. 

This saves you money as well as worries of a rogue error messing up your entire system, just because the server guy’s on leave. 


With a new data breach every day in the headlines, it’s imperative to build a strong fortress around your data server. For on-premise servers, it requires highly skilled security experts who could ensure the standard you’re looking for, which is a separate department for most businesses. 

On the contrary, cloud provider such as Microsoft azure in Dubai and AWS have spent billions of dollars to enforce top-notch security standards for you already. 

All you have to do is to configure the security and focus on taking your business operations forward. 

Easy Scalability

If someday you wake up to the fact that you need to add two more server rooms to your company, just in case the load increases, you’ll be investing in resources that you might never use. 

Whereas, on a cloud server, you can deploy as many Virtual Machines as you need and control how much RAM or Processing Capacity each VM will have. Need more? Deploy at will. Don’t need the extra ones? Shut them down. All of which will not take more than 5 minutes.


The need for high-level of data availability, security and cost-effective pricing is being comprehensively fulfilled by cloud computing providers. You can also make significant savings on your server effort and costs by working with a cloud provider. 

Modern cloud computing technology providers help you make a smooth shift to a cloud platform. With SLAs, backups and quick support, cloud computing is becoming an inevitable option for modern businesses.   

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