Digital Marketing


The digital transformation that has empowered modern enterprises enables a wide array of marketing avenues, varied in approach and vast in scope. ICogz is a digital marketing platform which is a combination of various tools that enables you to monitor and manage these powerful processes in an optimal way.

The platform allows your organization to achieve a thorough understanding of customers, down to the individual level and from a demographic perspective, at the same time. The analytical application lets you gain the capacity of approaching leads and campaigns with precise tools that target specific tasks and outcomes. Your marketing and sales teams can work in tandem to make informed decisions on the basis of specific measurable metrics.

Measuring Digital Marketing
Initiatives is imperative

  • Rationalize and unify your digital marketing efforts to deliver consistent and targeted messaging.
  • Customers respond to solutions and engagement that addresses their specific concerns.
  • Utilize your resources more efficiently, ensuring quick and efficient ROI.
  • Monitor and manage your marketing needs from a single, simple platform.
  • Empower all your stakeholders with the ability to deliver their creative potential,
  • while easily maintaining consistency across all channels.

ICogz gives you an
effective insight

  • Improve the competitiveness and viability of your marketing outlay with the
    help of a unified, consistent and effective process.
  • Engage your customers with personalized and specific services,
    ensuring long term loyalty and interactive relationships.
  • Remain aware of the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by being able to
    collate and interpret data from all your channels, by using explicit and coherent metrics.

The LiveRoute

iCogz runs on the Azure Cloud, ensuring availability and security for your data. When you work with LiveRoute to deploy iCogz for your organization, you get the added advantage of consultation, implementation and integration of iCogz with your existing and future Azure applications.

Also, with LiveRoute, scaling your iCogz solution is both easy and flexible – number of users, volume of data, number of operations, etc., can all grow easily with your business.

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