Introducing Work from Home Technologies – Microsoft Teams and WVD/VDI

Microsoft Teams: “A natural extension to any practice”

Teamwork and collaboration have become modus operandi for new and diverse workplaces. This leads to major cultural changes across companies as they embrace intelligent cloud technologies.

Delivering and driving the adoption of tools and processes to enable these emerging ways of work have become critical for companies today. Partners can provide the protection, governance, and change management required to introduce and automate customer solutions and allow businesses to keep up with the ever-changing market environment.

Microsoft Teams can help streamline various and multiple processes and resources to make the transition easier and smoother.

How Microsoft Teams Helps in Coordinating Crisis Communications

In times of crisis, concerns eventually arise about how to address the crises. A common challenge faced by most enterprises while responding to a crisis is to determine how to exchange knowledge in real-time and provide a forum to communicate.
Even when operating remotely, Microsoft Teams helps maintain connectivity to assist.
Microsoft Teams along with integrated Power Platforms provides users with the ability to collaborate and quickly adapt business processes.
Apart from this, the work status of each employee can be shared and communicated with their teams. These employees can send help requests directly to the dedicated Teams channel – thereby reducing turnaround time.

What is Windows Virtual Desktop?

Windows Virtual Desktop is a virtualization service for the cloud-based desktop and application.

Key Capabilities

With Windows Virtual Desktop, you can set up a scalable and flexible environment:

  • Create a full desktop virtualization
  • To fit your varied workload, publish as many host pools as required.
  • Bring your own image for production workloads or tests from the Azure Gallery.
  • Reduce costs with pooled, multi-session resources.
  • Through personal desktops, it provides individual ownership

Microsoft Azure’s virtual desktop Windows is an ideal cloud solution for virtualizing desktops and can be accessed from any device. The VMs in the Windows virtual desktop service allows it to communicate through a safe outbound link having an advantage over the unlimited capacity.

Microsoft Teams is a fully integrated hub for teamwork in Office 365, which helps the employees to collaborate more effectively and also helps the small businesses to keep their costs under control.

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