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Process critical data and applications are the single most sensitive resource for the modern enterprise. Robust security and data protection of cloud-based assets are a non-negotiable functional requirement that you cannot afford to take lightly. Microsoft Cloud App Security ensures that your organization can benefit from the agile cloud-based model, while ensuring protection against malicious online threats that can compromise and disrupt your business processes.

At LiveRoute, we offer a comprehensive Microsoft Cloud App Security solution that delivers an empowered and effective control to secure your cloud-based assets and resources. Microsoft Cloud App Security solutions are allowing enterprise all across the globe access to cost effective and resource optimal cloud deployments while ensuring data and application security. We can help your organization create an optimized and customized solution that meets your needs and budgets.

Why you need the Microsoft
Cloud App Security solution?

  • Protect your critical SaaS applications and cloud-based data.
  • Track your cloud based apps and secure your assets with the help of an analytics empowered response to threats.
  • Identify and subvert malware, ransomware and other cyberthreats, before they can negatively impact your operations.
  • Reconcile the advantage of agile and cost-effective cloud-based assets with the highest standards of operational security.


Optimize your IT resources

  • Improve the competitiveness and viability of your enterprise by moving from a Capex model to a more agile and efficient Opex model, without compromising on security.
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security improves your ability to monitor cloud activity and acts as a proactive line of defense against malicious disruptors.

Secure your Cloud deployment against attack

  • Automatic detection and revocation of risky application permissions in real time.
  • Adhere to the highest standards in Compliance
  • Monitor activity, identify threats and generate records with detailed reporting, auditing, and alerts.
  • Comprehensive lifecycle management capabilities and ongoing analytics that help you retain control over access and activities on the cloud.

Agile and secure at the same time

  • The Microsoft Cloud App Security solution ensures an optimal and flexible performance model for your organization, while limiting vulnerabilities.
  • Native integration with Conditional Access – including built-in policies that can be configured to exacting specifics.
  • Dependable 24/7/365 partner support.


Protect business applications and data

  • Ensure uninterrupted end user experience while retaining the ability to identify, monitor and control specific sessions in accordance with security concerns and policies.
  • Enable targeted user and session specific access from multiple devices, on the basis of risk identification through real time analytics.

Simplified and integrated monitoring across your infrastructure

  • Automate control and protect your sensitive and critical data with effective classification labels.
  • Integrate resources and empower security with simplified pivoting and investigative abilities.

Ensure access to data and apps for
your mobile devices

Operate with the assurance that you have a dependable application security solution that supports a comprehensive array of automated as well as proactive defenses against malicious activity. Enable the Microsoft Cloud App Security solution to allow resource optimization with no compromise in security.

Our highly automated, secure and integrated Microsoft Cloud App Security solution is the dependable, simple and high-performance answer to your application security needs. Call us now to know more!