Most Popular PaaS Products Your Business Should Be Implementing Right Now!

Cloud computing has already become an irrevocable part of all modern businesses. It’s now time to optimize cloud performance and build better solutions. 

One of the most notable features of cloud computing that are slowly revolutionizing the business technology development is Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service allows developers to focus on web application programming with ease while the cloud provider handles the underlying OS and server management.

Going further, modern PaaS solutions make it possible to go “serverless” and run applications without a dedicated server attached to it. So, if your business hasn’t tried anything on similar lines, now is the time! 

Here’s a list of top PaaS products that are changing modern cloud computing. 

Azure Web Apps

Azure Web Apps is a service based on Azure IaaS UAE PaaS architecture that allows developers to build ASP.NET apps really quickly. 

The service integrates with your favourite git tool where you can quickly deploy your code and start testing. You need not configure the server for usage, as it’s done by Azure itself. 

Azure Web Apps now supports both Linux and Windows servers, so that you can migrate easily. They have added the following languages to the runtime as well;


  • Ruby


  • PHP


  • Node Js
  • Java
  • Python   


Additional features include auto-scaling, automatic load balancing and support for popular CMS types such as WordPress, Jumla etc. You can also club other services such as Azure Data Backup services Dubai inline to the servers. 

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

AWS Elastic Beanstalk is a PaaS offering often called as an “orchestration” service that bridges various AWS services together. 

Beanstalk is a great choice if you have an application that observes incessant flow of traffic and quick scaling needs. 

It accepts your application code and automatically builds a runtime environment according to your application configuration, deploying servers and setting up load balancing. 

This way, no matter if 100 or 10000 users are active on your application, you will only be billed for the actual resources used. It’s a great way to manage your application performance and push updates directly through git. 

Beanstalk supports all languages as Azure, with support for Docker and Go. 

Azure Logic Apps 

Azure Logic Apps is a service that hits right on a very important business requirement – Business Process Automation

Each business, especially startups, use a number of disparate tools and APIs that don’t freely interact with each other. For instance, if you make a note in your Word Document, you can’t have it emailed to your team and save comments in a different document for everyone to view. 

Logic Apps service allows you to build logical flows by allowing you to connect various services for automating one task to another. This enables you to have a seamless flow of data, and a reduction in human intervention for completing simple process tasks. 

This quick sample of a Car Review website has a backend and Azure Cognitive service integrated using Logic App! 


Anthos is Google Cloud Platform’s latest offering that allows you to bridge the gap between on-premise and cloud.

The platform offers a PaaS solution that lets businesses develop applications on hybrid environments that can be on a private or public cloud. 

Anthos provides all critical components of a PaaS product from API management to Serverless solutions using pre-existing GCP services. 

It’s a must to try out Anthos for a hybrid experience.  


If you haven’t already adopted the cloud for your business operations and data storage, you need to come to speed with things. Modern businesses heavily relies on a cloud infrastructure and PaaS solutions are pushing the boundaries at which applications for these cloud platforms can be built. May it be Azure Data Backup services in Dubai or AWS Elastic Compute somewhere else in the world, familiarizing with PaaS is inevitable.

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