Educating and creating awareness on MS teams for the SMB segment

Marketing and communication section of the overall adoption plan involves awareness and training. This will make sure that your workforce is well aware of the new capabilities of Microsoft Teams and their underlying Microsoft 365 or Office 365 services and applications.

What is MS Teams and what is the purpose of Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a continuous collaborative communication network, which involves document sharing, online meetings, and many other highly useful features for business communications. To be able to make clever decisions, creative choices, and to establish communication with one another, good team space is crucial.

Purpose and Use of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is incredibly simple, useful, and user-friendly. Microsoft Office 365 includes Microsoft Teams without any cost, which allows Office users to enjoy the benefits of this collaboration solution. By working together, sharing, connecting, and communicating all under the same platform brings simplicity to the teamwork.

Microsoft Teams Core Components

  • Teams and Medium – Teams are composed of channels, which are boards of communication between teammates.
  • Channels and team conversation – All the members of the team can access and connect to different channel conversations.
  • A chat feature– This is found in most collaborative applications and can occur between teams, groups, and individuals.
  • SharePoint document storage – Each team using Microsoft Teams will have a SharePoint Online site containing a default document library folder where all the files shared across all conversations will be saved to this folder automatically.
  • Video calling and screen sharing – Smooth and fast video calls to your company employees or your clients.
  • Online meetings – This can include anyone from outside or within a company. It helps in improving your correspondence, business meetings, and even training with an online meeting interface. This functionality also includes scheduling support, a note-taking program, uploading of files, and in-meeting chat messaging.
  • Audio conferencing– This feature lets anyone join an online meeting via phone.
  • Complete telephonic– Microsoft Teams completely replaces the existing telephonic system in your business.

MS Teams – Educating and Creating Awareness

MS Teams is a digital platform, which brings together discussions, information, assignments, and applications in one place, creating exciting learning experiences for educators. MS Teams provides a great collaborative solution for businesses, freelancers, and just about everyone else who works in a professional team setting.

Teams allow educators to converse with students easily, share files, and websites, create OneNote Class Notebook, and assign grade and assignments. Notebooks and end-to-end task built-in OneNote Class management allow teachers to coordinate collaborative lessons, and provide input that is accurate and timely. Educators may use professional learning groups to exchange instructional content.

Frequently Asked Questions on MS Teams

How Microsoft teams are used in education?

Microsoft Teams is a digital platform, which offers a conversation-based workspace where teachers and students can experience an atmosphere of personalized and vibrant learning. It also offers a conversation-based workspace where teachers and students can experience a personalized and lively learning environment. By using Microsoft Teams, students can learn useful life skills of teamwork and communication. Download Microsoft Teams App

Is Microsoft Teams good for teaching?

Microsoft Teams is good for teaching as it allows the educators to easily converse with students, share files and websites, create OneNote Class Notebook, and assign and grade assignments.

Are Microsoft Teams replacing Skype?

As recently announced by Microsoft, Skype is being withdrawn, and Microsoft Teams is replacing Skype for business.

Is Microsoft Team free?

With Microsoft Teams, you get endless chats, audio, and video calls, and 10GB of file storage for your entire team, plus 2GB of personal storage for each individual. However, only those without a paid commercial Office 365 membership can use the free edition of Microsoft Teams.

Get your small businesses going with Microsoft Teams. To make deployment simpler and more efficient in your organization, particularly built for small and medium-sized business (SMB) segments. The official Microsoft Teams are available for small and medium-sized companies. SMB Templates allow administrators to rapidly deploy teams around their organization. Templates also allow users to organize themselves and start using Teams effectively.

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