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Data Backup Service

Key Features to Look into a Data Backup Service for Your Business

Data Backups can be the difference between life and death in critical business scenarios. Each year, millions of dollars are lost to unrecoverable data and unavailability of backups. Therefore, if you rely on digital information in your business, the importance of timely and safe backups can’t be stressed enough.  You can have your own data

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PaaS Providers

Most Popular PaaS Products Your Business Should Be Implementing Right Now!

Cloud computing has already become an irrevocable part of all modern businesses. It’s now time to optimize cloud performance and build better solutions.  One of the most notable features of cloud computing that are slowly revolutionizing the business technology development is Platform as a Service.  Platform as a Service allows developers to focus on web

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SharePoint Vs. Google Suite For Business

SharePoint Vs. Google Suite for business, which one wins?

Microsoft has dominated the workplace environments for a long time simply because of the high adoption of Microsoft productivity apps for businesses.  But recently, the wind has shifted in the favor of Google Suite for Business, which offers similar features for a much cheaper price. It is becoming quite popular among startups who wish to

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