Why Cloud Backups are an Ultimate Business Necessity

While some technologies are nice-to-have upgrades, a cloud backup solution is a critical feature that you shouldn’t compromise on. 

Data is the new oil they say, because for every business, their data holds the entire business value. If the data is somehow stolen or corrupted, the business would fall apart ourightly. 

You may think that you have a strong cyber security protection enabled for your company data but even the best can break. Even if it’s hack proof, you can be hit by an internal failure or a natural calamity, which’ll leave your data vulnerable to damage. 

According to Cybint Solutions, the cost of data breaches and ransomes will shoot up to $150 million by 2020. The actual price goes way beyond just losing the data. The real life repercussions of rebuilding databases and customer loss continue to threaten businesses for a long time. 

One way to fight this evil is to sign up for a cloud backup service. There are several practical benefits to always keeping a backup of your data locked away in a safe place. For instance, Azure cloud backup services Dubai store it on the Azure Dubai data center, preventing from any further corruption. 

Let’s read more details and why you inevitably need a cloud backup service.

On-premises Backup Support 

A majority of businesses store their critical data on privately owned servers that are present inside the building. If a calamity occurs and the on-site servers are compromised, there’s no way to retrieve the data. 

Therefore, cloud backups replicate the data backup on a cloud service. The cloud service provider can have it’s server located anywhere in the world, out of the harmful reach of hackers. 

This way, even if your on-site servers go bust, you always have a reliable copy to fallback to.

Cloud Backups are Fast

At the enterprise level, a ton of data is generated every day. This can go into Terabytes every day, which is hard to backup locally. Cloud backup solutions are incredibly fast and almost instantly backup all your data. 

This means, you don’t have to compromise on the amount of data that’s being backed up, and there’s no absolutely no downtime involved, when the data is being backed up. 

Cloud Backups are Secure

Cloud Service providers employ serious security measures to protect your data. It’s exceedingly hard to break into a cloud service provider’s security firewall and steal your data. 

Therefore, storing your cloud backup data on the cloud helps you attribute the responsibility of your data to safe hands. Having a local backup of your data can mean hackers still can access it remotely, leading to exploitation. 

In almost all ransomware attacks, the system contained data is heavily encrypted, making it futile to decrypt it again. If you have a cloud backup, you can easily switch over to the last backup, and revive your operation with minimum damage. 

Cloud Backups are Cost-Effective

Whether you work with an organization offering managed IT services Dubai, or your own IT team is handling the backups, the costs involved are very competitive. 

To exemplify, using Azure’s cloud backup service, you can backup 500 GB worth of data for as low as $20. So, if you’re taking weekly backups, your total price would be merely $80 a month, which is quite cheap compared to spending thousands of dollars in trying to recover lost data. 


It’s a wise decision to not have your IT infrastructure and critical business data rely on tender hooks. A cloud backup service addresses major data security concerns as well as allows you to quickly be back in business, even when something messes up.  

In any case, why wait for something to go wrong and then act? Get a managed IT services Dubai provider today!  

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